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Welcome To Aion Core Na Development

22 Dec 2014

Posted by Voidstar in Community News





Discover the Stunning World of Aion
Explore one of the most amazingly beautiful and detailed MMORPGs ever as you fight to save a vibrant world ripped asunder by a celestial war.
Choose between two divine factions, the Asmodians or the Elyos, and save your people from an ancient evil that threatens to destroy everything in its path. Over 2000 story-driven quests lead you through a wondrous and expansive world like no other.

In Aion™, you are a winged Elyos or Asmodian, sworn enemy races, exploring a world of breathtaking beauty ripped asunder by a celestial war. In this stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons, and massive Legion raids hone your battle skills to new heights. Take the fight against the dragonlike Balaur invaders into Balaurea, your common enemy's homeland, to save the shattered world you love.

Game Features:

  • A visually astonishing game world
  • Soar through the skies with thrilling character flight
  • Intense PvE and PvP combat
  • Thousands of hours of story-driven content

Welcome to our new Aion Core Community

We invite you, if you wish, to take a part of our project, to develop together in a big community, like Aion Unique, a new and stable Emulator based on Aion Lightning Core.
Note: This project is only for developers, so you will need to apply for. The source will be free only for the community developers.
For the public we will offer a weekly compiled release of our work in our Download section.

Aion Emu development current state:

Full AION - - NA Client support & EU Client (GameForge) support
Full AION - - NA Client support & EU Client (GameForge) support

  • All patch features are integrated including events & regions (Cygnea, Enshar)
  • New Godstone/Enchantment/Amplification/Plume/Tempering/Purification Systems integrated
  • Atreian Passport & Upgrade Arcade integrated
  • Hotspot Teleportation integrated
  • Multi Return Scrolls Teleportation integrated
  • Hall of Fame integrated
  • Sieges up to 4.9 integrated (including Abyss Changes in 4.9)
  • Invasion Raid integrated
  • All Retail Instances AI Assisted 4.7, Some 4.8 Integrated including Idgel Dome (6v6 PvPvE)
  • Retail Abyss Prestige Glory System
  • New Broker System & UI integrated
  • Fast Track Server emulated (Coming Soon)
  • All Classes & Skills (including 4.8 Linked Stigma) works retail
  • Retail Crafting
  • All 4.9 Retail Items, Skins, Wings, Pets, Mounts & Emotes available
  • Important reward boxes opening (Sea Feast & Beritra Boxes)
  • GeoData Integrated (Aion 4.0 Maps)
  • WDS (World Drop System)
  • Housing System Integrated (minus maintenance fee)
  • And all previous retail features
  • Custom enhanced PvP System available

Chat system (all channels LFG/TRADE/CLASS/REGION) working

We use for Registration and Sign Up/Sign Out a SSL (https) connection.
Because we use a private certificate, you may get a "This Connection is Untrusted" warning.
You can tell Firefox to bypass these certificate warnings. You should only bypass the warning if you're sure that the site is legitimate.
On the warning page, click Or you can add an exception....

Update: 27.07.2016
Dear Aion-Core users,
with this milestone Aion-Core , we rich one of our major main target, to release the first BETA and public
Aion Emulator, which offer you a large range of possibilities to configure your server.
You can run it like "retail" with only retail features or push it to extreme mode (Extreme), as retail and hardcore PvP server.

We are also already working on finishing Aion-Core 5.1

Technical Part
For Aion-Core 5.0 updates, you will need to subscribe for 6 or 12 month updates access.

Gameserver Optimization Memory Management & Recovery
For the first time in Aion Emulator

Automatic Garbage Collection?
Automatic garbage collection is the process of looking at heap memory, identifying which objects are in use and which are not, and deleting the unused objects.
An in use object, or a referenced object, means that some part of your program still maintains a pointer to that object. An unused object, or unreferenced object,
is no longer referenced by any part of your program. So the memory used by an unreferenced object can be reclaimed.

Game Part
Retail & Custom PvP features
We add, following our time line, the best PvP features for this game; FFA- Extended (Free For All) which high customized features,
Crazy Daeva, a "search, find and kill" assassin/head hunter Job and the BattleGrounds, with Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch.

As retail feature we release the "Upgrade Arcade" on which we intend to put more work.
Update: Idgel Dome is a 6v6 PvPvE instance has bin released

In all PvP sessions you can earn various kind of rewards like Abyss Points or Glory Points, or Ap&Gp.
We hope, you will enjoy this release.

Have fun,
Aion-Core Team
Gameserver Public Release Updates: 07/2016


27/05/2016 Aion-Core 4.8.15 Ultimate - Rev.530 - No Licensing release. Core Developer support.
27/05/2016 Aion-Core 4.9.14 Ultimate - Rev.529 - No Licensing release. Core Developer support.
NEWS: Core is released to support NA & EU Wintertime and support NA 4815 & EU Client

27/07/2016 Aion-Core 5.0 Ultimate - Rev.61 - No public release . Core Developer support.
Aion-Emulator Credits since 2009(link) All well know developers since 2009, who are honored to be part of the Aion Emulator developer history list.
The original list is Published just by Aion-Core.

Please Note:
As an emulator is always in development so its normal if you will find some little bugs. Don't hesitate about these bugs, simply post these bugs into our forum Dev.BugTracker,.
We will fix these bugs as soon as possible.

Aion Webshop is a Unique Item Webshop with no Aion release dependency + Aion Tooltips and a powerful Vote & Reward System integrated


Tooltips Syndication - updated of 5.0

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