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Accepted developers - Something about you

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To know how we stand, it would be nice to inform us, what you are doing actually. For that, please answer a few question;

1. Are you working actually on a Aion Emulator?

2. On which Aion release? Aion 4.x, Aion 5.x, Aion 7.x

3. How is your release working? On which level consider  it can be qualified?

4. Did you have it on GitHub?





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Core Developer
Very good Aion Game knowledge, always update with the newest game stands YES
Minimum one active character on the NA server, minimum level 50 NO (Character Level 76 EU - FreetoPlay)
Basic English YES
Advanced JAVA skills, experienced with programming parts of the Aion Emulator YES
Experieneced to work with Subversion Repository SVN YES
Workplace: repository (source code) No

Position: Senior Developer Application

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