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5.8 base?

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Hello everyone,

I saw that you'll be working on 5.8 emulator. Recently I stumbled upon this source shared on ragezone and I think it's pretty solid. It's a bit of a mess, because it seems to be a mashup from Aion-Germany and Encom files, but a ton of functionalities seem to be fully implemented and they also kept the old maps too (tho the sieges and quests are not included I think). I'm not sure if you'd find it useful as a base or you'd prefer to update your 4.8/9 core to 5.8, but.. 

Here's the link provided in RZ forums. Have a look if you think it could be of any help! 


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Hey, can someone help to get some information about the 5.8 patch? I tried the forum for that and it had nothing. I also tried to google about the Aion patch 5.8 and came across with this type of news: https://mmogoldprice.com/news/aion-patch-58  but i need some more info. I am trying my hand into emulate this game on a private server (long shot, but it's for a thesis), and i need to get more info. Anyway, thanks guys and hope someone can show me the right place. 😀

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@Attack3r Hey, I don't know what exact info you need, but those are the official patch notes for 5.8:


If you need help with the development of an emulator, you could ask your questions in the Aion sub-section in ragezone.

Hope that helps!

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