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Aion-Lightning 2.7 Classic SALES

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Buy options;

1. Compiled Full Gameserver with all you need to start a LIVE server, for public, friends, etc..
It comes with;

1. Gameserver, Loginserver and Chatserver and original Mr.Poke developer, GeoData
2. Proper JAVA JDK to install
3. MySQL Server
4. Full working Aion Client 2.7
It's not a portable version for beginners, it's a real Gameserver that you can configure as you wish.

2. Compiled Full Gameserver, plus source code.
The source code is on our Repository SVN host. You can check out and download it.
If you need a SVN Host for developing, you can keep the source code on the SVn Host and
rent it from us for a small fee per year.

For download, you will need a MEGA.nz  Account
If you are interested, feel free to contact me and ask for a quote in our forums

Aion Lightning 2.7 Full Compiled Server added to our STORE




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