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Hello, I need some help with Aion 3.9 EMU with the special skills for Admin
On login he get the special GM skills but by quitting the game, these skills are nor removed.
So, if one day the player is no GM anymore he still keep these special GM skills.
I would like in one of this two files;

a script that check if the player is GM and if so, by logout it should remove that certain skills, from the player databese table player_skills, for example

// Special skill for gm
    if (AdminConfig.COMMAND_SPECIAL_SKILL && player.getAccessLevel() >= AdminConfig.COMMAND_SPECIAL_SKILL_LVL)
			FastList<Integer> gmSkill = FastList.newInstance();
            //gmSkill.add(174); // GM's Armor
            //gmSkill.add(175); // GM's Tempest
            gmSkill.add(1904); // Wrath of Developer
            gmSkill.add(1911); // Frustration of Developer
            //gmSkill.add(3224); // GM Power!
            //gmSkill.add(3226); // GM Armor!
            //gmSkill.add(3227); // GM Cleanse!
            //gmSkill.add(3232); // GM Wings!
            //gmSkill.add(3233); // GM Haste!
            //gmSkill.add(3234); // GM Fortitude!
            //gmSkill.add(3235); // GM Fortune!
            //gmSkill.add(3236); // GM Defenses I
            //gmSkill.add(3237); // GM Defenses II
            //gmSkill.add(3238); // GM Defenses III
            //gmSkill.add(3239); // GM Sleight of Hand I
            //gmSkill.add(3240); // GM Mental Alacrity I
            //gmSkill.add(3241); // GM Hustle I
            for (FastList.Node<Integer> n = gmSkill.head(), end = gmSkill.tail(); (n = n.getNext()) != end; )
					PlayerSkillEntry skill = new PlayerSkillEntry(n.getValue(), true, 1, PersistentState.NOACTION);
                    player.getSkillList().addStigmaSkill(player, skill.getSkillId(), skill.getSkillLevel());

    public void onPlayerLogin(Player player) {
        if (player.isGM()) {
            gms.put(player.getObjectId(), player);

    public void onPlayerLogedOut(Player player) {
        if (player.isGM()) {
          <>   gmSkill.remove.(AdminConfig.COMMAND_SPECIAL_SKIL(1904); // Wrath of Developer
            <>     gmSkill.remove.(AdminConfig.COMMAND_SPECIAL_SKIL(1911); // Frustration of Developer



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