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  1. Reworking basic problems in 4.7 and below...also will update many new features :)

    1. killerxx


      good to see u working again.. :P

    2. ananast


      wow)easy easy)

  2. Working on more complete quests in kaldor and levinshor...commit soon :)

  3. Working on amplification system. enchanting works, skills works, whole system 50% done :)..commit so far its finish

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    2. angelstory


      good and great <3

    3. godskin


      good and great <3


      love u angle less


    4. killerxx


      oh nice.. you're doing great ^^

  4. Fixing iteminfo for 4.7.5 patch :) also working on legion fix

    1. GiGatR00n


      Wait man, u r running fast ;)

    2. Alcapwnd


      Thats the way i like it :D no, but if i'm now fast the dirty work is done^^


  5. Fixing kamar battlefield war (almost done)... :)

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    2. blackfire


      Tested. Points, instance buff and rewards is working. Nice!

    3. blackfire


      But need to recalculate on GP rewards. Seems it's giving to much gp

    4. Alcapwnd


      @blackfire thx for testing the instance :) to much gp? maybe you can tell me what you are got?

  6. Working on baruna dimensional lab instance (also called linkgate foundry)

  7. Working on skill animations, commit soon...

  8. Reworking serial killers for new race restricts...

  9. Fixing kinah bug, commit soon :)

  10. Will rework the invasion raids soon

  11. Working on ExpExtractAction for Essence Purifier...

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