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About Me

As I write this I am 60 years old. I am retired IBM senior software engineer working with Java since version 1. I am also adept at the following :


Programming languages:

C# (VStudio & Mono),
C (K&R and Ansi)
C++ (original ansi - haven't used this for about 15 years)
Several dialects of Pascal and Modula 2 (dusty -- haven't used this in about 20 years)
Several dialects of BASIC, COBOL, Fortran, Forth (if I ever get around to brushing off the cobwebs)
Assemblers - 8080/Z80, Motorola 68000, TI 9900, x86 and some macro-based crosses like IBM 3600/4700


Data languages

SQL (ANSI, IBM DB2, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, via JDBC and ODBC),
Raw Binary


Operating Systems:

AppleDOS (RIP), CP/M (RIP), DOS (at bios call level), OS/2 v1-4, Windows (3.1 - Current), Linux (Current only)

Game Servers

Black Desert Online


Short version: I have been an electronics and computer enthusiast for almost 40 years and have been working with personal computers, both hardware and software, for as long as they have existed. There is very little I can't do with a computer when I am motivated and putting my focus on it. Lord knows there isn't much I haven't done with them short of LN (liquid nitrogen) and phase change (refrigerated) cooling.

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