Hello. my friends developer. The new SVN is online, with our Aion-Core 5.0 which we will upgrade to 5.8. Read more, click here

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  2. After many, many years Falke_34, has shout down his website and stopped future developing. It's sad that there is no active developing of this nice game which was started with Aion Unique in 2010. There was many developers groups in this 11 years, but Aion Germany was the most active over this years. So, thank you Falke and FrozenKiller for your developing contribution to this game emu over this many years. Your Dev.Group is already registered on the Aion EMU Developing Groups history http://www.aion-core.net/emucredits.txt BTW, Aion Germany GitHub is still online if you are interesting on it. Their last development: Aion 7.8 Aion Germany 7.8 Emulator
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  4. Buy options; 1. Compiled Full Gameserver with all you need to start a LIVE server, for public, friends, etc.. It comes with; 1. Gameserver, Loginserver and Chatserver and original Mr.Poke developer, GeoData 2. Proper JAVA JDK to install 3. MySQL Server 4. Full working Aion Client 2.7 It's not a portable version for beginners, it's a real Gameserver that you can configure as you wish. 2. Compiled Full Gameserver, plus source code. The source code is on our Repository SVN host. You can check out and download it. If you need a SVN Host for developing, you can keep the source code on the SVn Host and rent it from us for a small fee per year. For download, you will need a MEGA.nz Account If you are interested, feel free to contact me and ask for a quote in our forums Aion Lightning 2.7 Full Compiled Server added to our STORE Gallery
    • Aion Lightning v.2.7 Full Compiled

      Characters creation
      Player stats
      Player cube expansion
      Items use works fine (you can us all kind of pots and food etc.)
      Level up and exp rates are compatible
      Merchants, Brokers ,Personal Shops are working fine
      Monsters attack and movement is correct
      Flight Teleport
      Normal Teleport
      Player pvp system
      Player duell system
      Trade between players
      Looting system
      Enchant System (manastones, goodstones etc gives correct stats)
      Personal warehouses
      Account warehouses
      Legion system (with all new titles and remodeled clothes)
      Items Remodeling
      Weapon Fusion System
      Set Items Bonuses
      Fortress works
      PvP in abyss is possible
      Player Sikills (skill books all working correctly)
      Rift system
      Siege System works retail
      Group system (alliance included)
      100% of Campaign Quets is Working but 95% is Retail Like
      98% of Normal Quests Working
      Windstreams Works
      Pet System
      Drop System Retail Like
      Low level instances working almost retail like work on others is in progress
      All retail instances works - Arena of Chaos/Discipline/Training,  Crucible Challange/Empyrian, Beshmundir, Udas, Kromedes, etc...
      All PVP Area; Dredgion, CORE
      Sieges works
      Flying time, correct stream gliding and fly rings working
      Instances works retail like
      100% NPC spawns and walkers are retail like
      Cosmetics Tickets working (hair change etc.)
      Motions working (books)
      Emotions working(books)


    • GeoData works
    • IngameShop 100% working

    Buy options;

    1. Compiled Full Gameserver with all you need to start a LIVE server, for public, freinds, etc..
    It comes with;

    1. Gameserver, Loginserver and Chatserver and original Aion Lightning 2.7 (Mr.Poke) GeoData
    2. Proper JAVA JDK to install
    3. MySQL Server
    4. Full working Aion Client 2.7
    It's not a portable version for beginners, it's a real Gameserver that you can configure as you wish on a dedicated root server.

    129.00 EUR

  5. Hello! I am using Aion Emulator, and I have a question about adding animations to the monsters and characters. I tinkered with the properties files and some of the java files, but didn't find anything relevant other than geodata. Perhaps someone with knowledge could guide me in the right direction? Thanks!
  6. I will release ASAP the following classic cores. Aion-Lightning 2.7 Aion-Lightning 3.9 Aion-Lightning 4.9 - done need to test Aion-Lightning 5.0 - done need to test Aion-Lightning 5.1 - done need to test Aion-Lightning 5.8 - testing and fixing - I think we will start about the first week in Februar. I will announce you after I upload the 5.8 on the SVN Server.
  7. Well logically it is not related to windows but is related to code
  8. Windows 10 present, Windows 7 at the time before 4.7 Wit Windows 10 AL 2.7 fully works AL. 3.9 "toll" doesn't work I will test also our 4.x releases, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 and 5.0 maybe there are also some bugs with the "long" string. I finished today my laptop with Windows 7 and I will test on it to see if the issue is with Windows or not JAVA was 1.7 always, like in present.
  9. What does the operating system have to do with it before the code is executed in the JVM? This is not logical!
  10. That is a Windows 10 issue It seems that the old ingameshop on 3.9 it doesn't work in Windows 10 because of the "long" string. "The "int" string it works on Aion-Lightning 2.7 even on Windows 10. I will test next days on my Laptop which is Windows 7. Aion-Lightning 2.7 retail classic = 100% full LIVE ready Aion-Lightnig 3.9 = issue with the ingameshop, but after that got solved, will be 100% full LIVE ready. Aion-Core 5.8 = in work...
  11. Hello, I'm testing a 3.9 Core, everything works, except the "Toll". Account Data is correct, field is: "toll, int, 11, 0 not null. Gameserver doesn't read and write in the Database. Event if I write something in that field, ex. 1000, the Ingameshop is not reading the value from that field Any idea where is the bug? Thanks LE: I noticed in error.log Missing Q for: [C] 0x01 CM_ACOUNT_AUTH_RESPONSE
  12. Hello and welcome to Aion-Core development. If you wish to become a developer please apply for Developing Supporter. After that you will get the SVN Repository access data Thanks http://www.aion-core.net/index.php?/staffapplications/
  13. Hello, I want to help in development, I have knowledge of Java (Mainly Aion but it can adapt to any application), XML, MYSQL, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, Angular & symfony Framework as well as mobile application concept (Cordova, Ionic ect ...) . I am currently on an Aion development project, which is quite handy in helping to find the issues involved. being a freelance, I am quite often available to develop Aion. Sorry for this short presentation and application, I'm not very comfortable with it.
  14. Voidstar

    Aion-Lightning 2.7 Classic Core

    Aion-Lightning 2.7 Classic Retail Core by Aion-Core released
  15. earo

    5.8 base?

    @Attack3r Hey, I don't know what exact info you need, but those are the official patch notes for 5.8: http://static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_011018.pdf?_ga=2.46820519.1295922055.1515812119-379441416.1515812119 If you need help with the development of an emulator, you could ask your questions in the Aion sub-section in ragezone. Hope that helps!
  16. Hola que informacion necesitas sobre el parche 5.8

  17. Hey, can someone help to get some information about the 5.8 patch? I tried the forum for that and it had nothing. I also tried to google about the Aion patch 5.8 and came across with this type of news: https://mmogoldprice.com/news/aion-patch-58 but i need some more info. I am trying my hand into emulate this game on a private server (long shot, but it's for a thesis), and i need to get more info. Anyway, thanks guys and hope someone can show me the right place. 😀
  18. Thank you, we already have that source.
  19. Hello everyone, I saw that you'll be working on 5.8 emulator. Recently I stumbled upon this source shared on ragezone and I think it's pretty solid. It's a bit of a mess, because it seems to be a mashup from Aion-Germany and Encom files, but a ton of functionalities seem to be fully implemented and they also kept the old maps too (tho the sieges and quests are not included I think). I'm not sure if you'd find it useful as a base or you'd prefer to update your 4.8/9 core to 5.8, but.. Here's the link provided in RZ forums. Have a look if you think it could be of any help! https://mega.nz/#!yUYiGAaZ!F-gsPycOZ6k_Hg7LEiKskO9_dArNyeg_AQqiueYrVJs
  20. Gibt's schon einige. 5.0+ gibt's kaum was. Das wäre super.
  21. Aion 7.5 Client EU - English&German Download on Google Drive. You need a Google Account.After purchase, please send me your Google Mail Address,
    to register you on the Google Drive Share.
    Send me an email to: voidstar@aion-core.net


    How to download with Backup&Sync;

    After you received the invitation from Google Drive;
    Install Google Drive Backup&Sync
    Set your upload and then your download folders.

    1.Login in to on your Google Drive
    2.Go to "Shared with me"
    3.With Shit+Z add the Aion Client XX to your "My drive"
    4.Start your Google Backup&Sync.
    5.Go to settings and choose only the folders you want to download (sync). Save
    6.Restart Google Backup&Sync. Now the download (sync) will start.

    9.99 EUR

  22. 1.First step. New developers should study and learn how our CORE work. (World Drops) 2. Upgrade Core to JAVA 1.8
  23. Java SE Development Kit 8u251 View File Java SE Development Kit 8u251 Windows x64 211.54 MB Submitter Voidstar Submitted 06/14/2020 Category Core Management  
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