Hello. my friends developer. The new SVN is online, with our Aion-Core 5.0 which we will upgrade to 5.8. Read more, click here

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Current Donation Goals

Community Hosting

We spend every month some money to be able to work with quality hosting , licensed forum software, domain and SVN hosting which are not for free.
It costs money every month. If you think that you can help our community with no matter how much, we are very greatfully for that. We ar not plan to
be for short time online, we ar planing to be here for many years. And many years cost money every month.
We are online at this time, exactly since ; 5 years, 5 Month and 23 Days. Thank you for your contribution.


Raised 0.00 EUR of 600.00 EUR target

Board Life Status

Board startup date: December 25, 2014 06:24:13
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