Hello. my friends developer. The new SVN is online, with our Aion-Core 5.0 which we will upgrade to 5.8. Read more, click here

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  1. Last week
  2. Please check the message
    Please also check the PayPal deposit.

  3. Please answer the message.

  4. I'm waiting for your payment.
    Please check the message.

  5. Earlier
  6. Please answer the message.

  7. I'm listening to music and waiting for you to respond.

  8. Please let me know when you are ready.

    When are you coming.

  9. When are you coming
    It's past the promised time.

  10. Please reply to the message.

  11. Please check the message.

  12. 5.8 Game Client, G Drive Please share your e-mail
    This is ggoubugi122@gmail.com .

  13. purchased 5.8 clients
    I sent you an email and waited, but the shared link hasn't even come to my email yet.

  14. I purchased the Aion 5.8 client.
    Please check your email and share the link.

  15. I want to test and purchase it as soon as possible.

    Can I talk to you in Discord?

  16. I've also posted other questions, so please reply.

  17. 1.How many bugs are there in the Ion 5.8 version?
    I hope we don't have more than 95% of bugs.
    3.I want to buy the perfect Ion 5.8 version.
    4.How much is the price?
    5. (Test Game Server Play) Can you play the game? (Around 2~5 people play together)
    6.If you can test it, can you give me a few days(I need about three days.)
    7.How do I pay?
    ※ Bugs I wish I didn't have
    1. Defeat the PVP and the kill should go up with the party members.
    2. All skill sections must be free from bugs.
    3. Minions should be normal.
    4. All minions must be working properly
    5. Monsters must not recognize and penetrate objects
    You can't fly and move.
    6. I don't want the player to disappear from the screen every certain amount of time.
    I usually play Discord
    If you answer on Discord, not on the site
    I can get back to you sooner.


    Discord ID TAG : _00naru_85002


  18. I want to purchase the 2.7 Aion Lightning full source. I'd like to buy it along with the client and would like to know how

    1. wintermaster


      If you provide me with your Discord address, I'd like to have a private conversation with you through DM.

  19. Good morning. Nice to meet you.
    I would like to ask you about various Aion through Discord and about emu and client.
    Can you tell me your Discord nickname and tag?

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    2. ckdalsdl1133


      The entire file is not required.
      GeoData settings and files
      I need settings and files for Skills.
      Do these two cost 349 euros?

    3. Voidstar


      Sorry, I misunderstood you, I thought  you are interested to buy a working gamserver with source codes.
      As I don't know what gameserver you have and if you have also the source codes, I can not help with fixes.
      However; I have not time to fix other gameserver, sorry.

    4. ckdalsdl1133


      You don't need to help with the modification.
      It's just that it's applied to your server source
      I just want to get a geo file, a skills file, and a proper explanation of where and what to touch.

      I am willing to pay for the above file.
      But I hope it's not too expensive!

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