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    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  2. I don't know if there are good news that the coder of aiondatabase.met where kicked and he opened his own Aion database website. We will see how will aiondatabase update the 6.0 items and stuff. So, there is a new Aion database website: http://aioncodex.com
  3. None of your posted issue is from PowerWeb 3.0 and we are not officially support other CMS.
  4. Our gameserver is prepared to support some client hacks (item.pak) but we are not supply such hackings. # All items can be storable in warehouse # Default: 10 gameserver.store.wh.all = 10 # All items can be storable in account warehouse # Default: 10 gameserver.store.accountwh.all = 10 # All items can be storable in legion warehouse # Default: 10 gameserver.store.legionwh.all = 10 # All items can be tradeable # Default: 10 gameserver.trade.all = 10
  5. You have "Time Out" because your router doesn't answer of port scanning. However, your Loginserver and Gameserver is started that means the ports are already bussy with that. You can check your local network with this tool http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html
  6. Your Loginserver is not configured properly. Read the tutorials.
  7. Did you copy the d3d8thk.dll in your Aion Client bin32 folder? http://www.aion-core.net/index.php?/files/category/7-client-stuff/
  8. However, you are wrong. The screenshot is self explanatory, with three additional notice's from me; 1. You can sale or charge a fee for any software under GPL if they get o copy from you. So, if somebody sale the Source-Code and the compiled source as binary, that's legal. Many people don't know this and they talk bullshit as "wow, you want money for a GPL software, made by others for free". Again, yes, you may sale your own copy. 2. You have the right to make your copy public or not. Some guys pretend that you must make the Source Code available to public access. That's wrong again: you are not required to make it available to the public you can charge a fee if you make it available to the public 3. If you sale your copy, Source Code or binary: However, if someone pays your fee and gets a copy, the GPL gives them the freedom to release it to the public, with or without a fee. For example, someone could pay your fee, and then put their copy on a web site for the general public for free. That's mean, many people get mad because somebody released to the public the Source Code or the binary release one they owned one. That was qualified as "Leak". Yes, it was a leak, but to make it public was his decision and right (GPL) Source: GPL
  9. Name: Aion 2.5 Seel Rake PvP Event Category: DEMO Date Added: 04 November 2016 - 10:53 AM Submitter: Voidstar Short Description: Aion 2.5 Seel Rake PvP Event Aion 2.5 Seel Rake PvP Event mady by Voidstar Aion-Extreme 2.5 View Video
  10. I can remember very well, once it was a german private server on Aion 2.1. They own just a compiled Aion Lightning 2.1 gameserver. They run very successful their private server, near 2 years, with constant 2-300 playes online, wihout any issues. All the quest were fixed from them, Instances, AI's, templates. They made even some special maps for PVP, that we play there most every day. All just without source code, only with a compiled gameserver. Another example, I can show you such a PvP Map made by me on Aion 2.5, without Source Code. Aion 2.5 Steel Rake PvP&PvE Event
  11. I can only make a statement from our developer group Aion-Core. What Falke is doing is his business. We are a developer community, we don't sale our work, even if some bad asses said that we do. Until now, nobody could provide that he paid for our source. Donation is just for hosting and forum software license costs. We are host also our repository on a premium host, very fast, but not for free. The other reason is the very slow developing progress, but also community user interest to giving feedback's Finally, just for downloading our public release the additional features and costs are overpowered . That being said, I remember everybody that we are still open for some who can provide JAVA skills and interests on developing, to give access for free to our source. Question: Why shoud somebody pay or have the source if he anyway has no JAVA skills to develop the core? For some that are just beginner but for advanced too, most of the important part of the Gameserver are in the DATA folder. There are the instances, quest's, spwans and all the other templates. 99% fixes and changes need to be made in the Gameserver/DATA folder, not directly in the Source Code. So, with the compiled public release you have most of the important part that can be changed. We are not intend to make a public repository with our source code. We wish to keep the quality of Aion-Core. Maybe is not the best, but we ca put our signature on that we made. We don't wish dozen of copies and forks from our Source Code, because in short time comes new renamed copies of our Source Code with bad quality, buged, credits deleted etc... And then people say, Aion-Core were bad programmed. Regards, Voidstar P.S As I heard, there is still no NOIP.dll solutions to be able to play on the Emulator with Aion 5.1. We have still on 5.02 on NA but EU is already on 5.1 and Falke's Team can not play with the 5.1 Client. That means maybe we will stay with 5.0 so long as somebody will be able to make a new NOIP.dll restriction (d3d8thk.dll)
  12. Aion Emulator seems to rich the end of the story, not just because of missing a proper NOIP. It's more because of missing a real interest of developing. From my side I already told you the truth, this community and our development repository is not hosted for free and our forum software is not a freeware. There are costs that I pay alone since I start this project. The issue is that there is no balancing anymore between development and resources consuming in traffic and costs. Although we never make money from sale something core related, it was no problem for me to spend money for a hobby of mine, for a active community with active contributions, feedback's and last but not list, active core developers. But since more then a half year all this are gone, except the download section. Just for downloads I can't keep longer such a project included host and license costs. However, we stay open this year until a final decision for 2017. @Koostala Even if we are not professional developers, I remember that in Aion Lightning and some guys on Aion-Engine and Aion-Extreme were professionals and even they are not developed such Async methods. And for sure nobody will get this work at this time anymore.
  13. Because of to large amount of outbound traffic in our Download section we will need to limit our download traffic, from December, but before we will release our first public Aion-Core 5.0 Unfortunately I'm not able to support alone the server costs anymore, so we will start to limit and reduce the traffic of certain day's in the week. Regards, Voidstar
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