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  1. General - // - Aion Core Dev. Support

    1. Community News

      Read about the latest news and changes to the project.

    2. General Discussion

      General discussion about the project as a whole can be made here.
      Please note that this is not a support forum!
      Please, read the Forum Rules inside.

    3. Apply for developer

      Here is the place to show your developer skills

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  2. Aion Core - 4.9 Public Development

    1. Packet Development

      This forum is made specifically for the development of packets and opcodes.
      Tools, contributions, discussion and everything related to the subject goes in here.

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  3. Other Development

    1. Tool Development

      This section is dedicated to the development of tools and other appliances for the Aion Core project.
      This includes; Launchers, Compilers, Database Managers, Server Managers, Setup Tools and more.
      Only with Source Codes.

  4. Server Owner - Care & Promotions

    1. Private Server Promotions

      Promote and advertise your server.
      Announcements, Changes, Hot News, Updates.
      NOTE: This is not a discussions forum!

    2. Server Owner Discussions

      General Discussions and Feedback

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    3. Server Owner Support

      If you have questions about hosting your Gameserver.
      Also OS related discussions.

  5. International Support

    1. International Discussion

      If a board dedicated to your language does not exist yet, you may create a topic in this board specifically for your language-group.
      You may also request a forum dedicated to your language, but for that you need a person willing to moderate that forum, as well as at least 5 other people who would benefit from said board.

    2. Deutsches Forum

      Forum für die Deutsche Community von Aion Core. Hier kannst du dich mit anderen Deutschsprachigen Nutzern unterhalten.

    3. Russian Language Support

      Russian Language Support

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  6. Help & Support

    1. Aion-Core 4.9 - Support Forum

      This forum is dedicated to support for the Aion Core Licensed project. If you have any problems you need help with, this is the best place to ask.
      NOTE: We are not giving support just for our licensed Gameserver. Every not licensed support request for a no licensed gameserver will be deleted.

    2. F.A.Q & Guides

      Informational topics, guides as well as F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) will be posted in here.
      It is suggested that you read this forum before asking a question in the Support Forum, because your question may already be answered in here.

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    3. Aion Emulator Forum (User Help User)

      This forum is a general discussions forum about Aion Emulator. NOT AION-CORE !!!
      If you have any problems you need help with, this is the best place to ask.


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