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  1. Development work has pretty much comer to a stop. Most devs have moved over to Falke's Aion 5.8+ server. Read the chat box on the 1st forum page to find out where to go for that.
  2. It looks good, but for me there is a little overlap on the top of the menu at the left: Cheers!
  3. Some of what to expect in Aion 6.0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPDtlh0D0HIaOW9Gi6TvGWA/videos
  4. Thanks for finding this Voidstar!
  5. After uninstalling applications, windows updates and newer drivers trying to figure out why my AION client would crash while starting up I found the culprit. For those intending to run the Aion client on the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X (12 core) and 1950X (16 core) processor be advised that Aion does not run in AMD Threadripper's "Creator" mode. Attempting to launch the client will cause it to crash inside Aion's cryengine.dll. Note that I did not see this problem using AMD RyzenThreadripper 1900X (8-core) processor - I am not sure why. To fix this you need to use the Ryzen Master utility to switch your system to "Game" mode which in essence reduces your system to 6 or 8 cores on the 1920x and 1950x processors respectively. This of course requires you to reboot your system -- sorry. If you run the server inside a VM on the same machine, be prepared for things to run a bit slower - especially if you are running on a TR 1920X. I will also be posting this information on the official Aion forums at NCSoft and GameForge. I hope this saves folks running these processors some time and frustration.
  6. We will tell you again. Aion Core supports its own server and nothing else. We most certainly do not provide information to hack NCSoft's clients. If you want to do that yourself, use a protocol analyzer such as fiddler and see what the client sends to the server when you click that button and create the needed things to satisfy the request. If you don't want to do that, create your own procedure to insert / update a user record into the login accounts table and drive it from your own web page.
  7. I looked at your site. The menus are working fine.
  8. To be seen outside of your LAN, you have to configure your router to point to your server. Did you do that? All ports that you open in your firewall must be redirected to your server in the router. Minecraft may do that for you, but Aion won't.
  9. The poster of that client said "try this". Keep in mind that this emu only works best with the N.A. client. If it is the Gameforge EU client, it may have problems.
  10. Have you verified if these are possible on the retail server?
  11. The moderator at ragzone has his head up Giga's butt. Anything you dare say to refute giga there is immediately deleted by the moderator. epvpers is not quite that bad, though it has its full share of leeches too. A close friend of mine is on epvp nailing Giga to the wall. Giga has yet to come up with any kind of proof for anything he has claimed.
  12. Lol, where do you think AL and AE came from? The term leeching is something I really don't think is applicable to the Aion server emulator world. Aion emulators are at their core open source contributions put oujt in the world by their original devs. Since then Aion emulators have forked a few times into other open and closed source flavors. They are all based on the same core but not all of them are put out there in the public domain. Some devs invest a lot of time and effort effort to improve and enhance that base public domain code. Those developer have chosen to not release their contributions to the public domain because they do not want others taking credit for their hard work as GigaTr00n has done. As well those developers are concerned that the standard of quality they put into their work be maintained by knowledgeable people. They do not want someone that is teaching themselves Java to make a mess of their work and call it their own. The point is that the AC developer TEAM added a lot of content to this emulator. Giga was only a single member of that team and while he did provide a good amount of work into this emulator, HIS contributions were far less than he is claiming in other boards. The added parts were not all Giga's to share to RZ and EPVP - only his personal contributions were. He had no permission FROM THE TEAM to do that. Nor did he have permission FROM THE TEAM to remove all credit for the work they provided to this emulator. The fact of the matter is that Giga was part of the dev team. For the entire time I have been part of THIS specific team he had constantly pointed to others in the dev team calling this one a spy and that one a leecher and another one a thief. So what does he do? He steals the work of everyone here and gives it away on the internet. So who is the REAL spy, thief and leecher? I think we have all seen that all Giga's accusations and rants were nothing more than a smokescreen.
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